I made a YouTube playlist for some videos that go along with the topics I have been writing about. It’s a huge help to see something visually after reading about it – so please use these videos to your advantage as much as you need them.

Here is the first video about comparing DAWs that goes along with my first post – “Choose Your Music’s Workplace.” Feel free to click HERE for the entire YouTube playlist, or skim through the videos by pressing the “next” button to check them all out.


Also, here are the direct links to the URLs and which posts they correspond to if you don’t feel like going through the playlist.

Choose Your Music’s Workplace

Choosing a digital audio workstation to produce music or record with.

Give Your Studio Some Life

How to create a studio in your home and all the basic components you will need.

Take Control!

MIDI Controllers; what they do and why they are so important to digital musicians.

Get Mobile!

How to utilize your mobile device as an active part of your creative process.

This playlist will keep growing as the number of blog posts grows and more topics are discussed. Keep checking back for more visual resources on the topics on the blog!


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